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Hi!  I’m Cheryl Nielsen, thank you for stopping by!  I’m a bit of a wine lover, and it reflects in some of my coaching programs, divorce wine metaphors and style.  Other times, it’s just time to get down to business direct and to the point.  If you don’t drink wine, it’s okay!

grapesblackandwhiteMy love for wine developed over the years.  I had the privilege of growing a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard and nurturing the vines to maturity, so wine to me is the incarnation of all things natural and transformational.

My divorce journey began in 2009 where I embarked on a journey of being re-produced through what I term the barrel refinement process.  I was transformed.

Through the culmination of my experience, and certifications, I provide guidance and support in several different ways.  My certifications include:

CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® & Forensic Real Estate Divorce Strategist®. 

These certifications allow me to work with clients in choosing the right path to divorce, educating on many topics during the divorce process, and providing specialized analysis when choosing options for the family home.

In 2012, I authored the book entitled “Meritage Divorce: A Blend of Financial, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Guidance…through WINE colored glasses.  A memoir of my divorce paired with coaching exercises. The book is also used for Meritage Divorce Journey Workshops held throughout the year.

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