Sometimes over the course of a relationship people change and take on new characteristics.  What was once a great marriage blend can sometimes turn into a concoction that neither of you has a taste for or can swallow.

THE LESSON LEARNED HERE is that  Life really is too short to drink bad wine.  Don’t settle.  Sometimes you have to know when to spit it out and dump the bottle.

That’s where I come in.  My name is Cheryl Nielsen and I am a Certified Divorce Coach and author of the book entitled Meritage Divorce.

So why hire a divorce coach? So you don’t have to get divorced alone! You’ll have a thinking partner to help guide you through the process.

I also help my clients identify the appropriate divorce support system to meet their specific needs, goals, and objectives.

Every effort is made to streamline the divorce process and break it down into less overwhelming steps. The more prepared you are to sit in front of your hired professionals to focus on what they do best, the less money you will spend in broader ranges of concerns.

By helping a client engage efficiently, a divorce coach can greatly reduce the cost of divorce.

My clients are also given the opportunity to embark on the Meritage Divorce Journey and embrace the “barrel refinement process” of transformation with guided self-reflection exercises.

Divorce Offers an opportunity to go back into the barrel and become the wine you want to become.  A kind of Barrel Refinement Process.  You are the Winemaker, hop’s a good place to hide out, safe and warm.  The wood will protect your fragile being and hold you together.  You get to re-produce yourself in here!  Make the most of this time communing with yourself.

You’ve got to spend some time drinking your own wine..spitting out what you don’t like along the way, and deciding what you will swallow.

Wine as it rests in a barrel goes through subtle chemical changes, resulting in greater complexity and character.  It also softens the harsh tannins.  the barrel imparts the character of the wood into the wine and delivers distinctive flavors and sophistication.

The time you rest in the barrel will have a profound effect upon the wine you become.


Tears of sorrow will enhance the flavor.  Your personal growth, reflection, and self-discovery will deliver character.

The tannins of your backbone will become smooth with perspective, compassion, and humility.  Your character may change..even your body.

It’s time to let go of the labels of the past, while embracing the wine you will become with a purpose for the future-a wine to be shared, appreciated, and enjoyed for those willing to drink.

You won’t need to hide under any labels.  People will want to drink you up for your richness of flavor, matured to perfection.

As a Meritage Divorce Coach, I will look inside your barrel and make sure you are still in there, or at the very least, still decanting. My goal is to help deliver a better version of you on the other side of the journey, wearing your own pair of wine-colored glasses—and able to see with better clarity!

So if you are getting divorced, it’s okay, go ahead and WINE about it, you might feel better.  We can do this together, the divorce and the drinking in moderation of course.

You might be asking yourself, how does a Meritage wine relate to divorce?  A Meritage Divorce is a blend of financial, physical, emotional and spiritual guidance.  It’s important to trust the process if you are going to spit out the past, reproduce yourself, and decant a future.

In the process, try on a few shades of wine-colored glasses and see if you like the way they fit:  Golden yellows of Chardonnay, burgundy hues for those delicious varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir to name a few.


We’ll try them all until you find a pair that fits and you can see perfectly out of them.  Throw the rose-colored glasses out and make way for the wine-colored glasses–you’ll be able to see with greater clarity.

And remember,

With God and a Divorce Coach, and yourself, you really aren’t alone.


Have You been Drinking Bad Wine?

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