hervey vineyard pinotContemplating Divorce requires blending a team of professionals together that rely on each other for their unique characteristics to support a balanced experience for your particular divorce palate.  Blended properly and you will have a more drinkable experience – overlook an area and the aftertaste will sneak up on you.

In order to create a good blend, you need to choose the professionals that are appropriate for your situation.  The following is a list of options:

1) Divorce Attorney, Mediator, or Collaborative Divorce Specialist – to handle the legal issues.

2) Divorce Coach – Great resource to help you choose your team of professionals and for on-going support

3) Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® – Generates solid financial projections for your community property division, alimony, and child support allocations

4) Financial Planner/Advisor or Certified Financial Planner – A financial partner for your divorce settlement and future financial planning goals

5) Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist® – Specialized real estate planner to build strategies around the appropriate legal, tax, and market timing of real estate and “what if” scenarios in retaining the family home, title, and tax consequences

6) Therapist – To support emotional and mental health needs

This is a short list to create some structure to your professional blend.  Each professional on your team adds a unique specialty to provide a balanced perspective and support.

It is impossible not to hit some Tannins in the divorce process, but if you blend the right team it will help make your divorce smoother and more drinkable.

So if you are getting divorced, it’s okay, go ahead and WINE about it, you’ll feel better.




A Drinkable Divorce Team

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