Professionalpic7Meritage Divorce® was founded by Cheryl Nielsen to address the strategic planning needs to properly plan for the disposition of real estate during divorce.  Cheryl learned first hand how a lack of planning can have a devastating financial impact that can last long after the divorce is final.  She developed a passion for helping others avoid costly mistakes.  She believes no one should suffer a financial set-back after having to go through an already painful and often times financially devastating divorce. When the divorce is over, you should be able to move on and close the door.  The worst should be over. Being blindsided by tax ramifications of settlement agreements over real estate or other overlooked items that arise post divorce is a travesty and every precaution should be taken to keep this from happening.

Cheryl realized that the proper prior planning was missing in most divorce agreements and she developed a process that she trademarked as a Forensic Real Estate Divorce Strategist™ to fill an industry need.

This process is a culmination of her background as an Accountant, California licensed Real Estate Broker, and certification as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ that provide her with the knowledge and expertise to provide in-depth real estate analysis.  This makes her uniquely qualified as an industry expert in this field.

Cheryl is also a published author and speaker on the topic of divorce and holds other certifications that support her work including Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist™, Advanced Trained Mediator, Certified Divorce Coach™.






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