We’ve all heard the expression of looking at a glass half full or half empty.

How do you look at a glass that is completely empty without even a hint of a familiar bouquet?  With great anticipation of the possibilities that now have the opportunity to pour in!

Have you ever poured a new wine into a glass that had a bit of a different wine remaining?  I know I have.  The original wine tainted the experience of the new wine.  If possible, I like to start with a fresh glass when I am changing wines. I don’t want the experience to be compromised by even a hint of the previous wine.  Having an empty glass after divorce can be a gift.  Not only does it not stink from the past, it won’t taint the experience of something new, and the possibilities are endless.  You might find yourself drinking something beyond what your palate could dream of.

Keep your glass empty, your heart open, and embrace the possibility of the intoxication of living your best life ever.  You’ll know when you’re there – your wine glass will runneth over!

An empty glass is a good thing to have!

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