Celebrate YOU this Valentine’s Day.  For every ending, there is the possibility of a new beginning.  But first, healing a broken heart takes time – and much of that time is alone time.

Give yourself the gift of love.  After all, love begins with loving ourselves.

Let’s look at some ways you can love yourself – start by eliminating the chatter of your mind –  those tapes that play the same lyrics of shame and blame or unworthiness.


Give yourself an affirmation of love when negative thoughts enter your mind.  Write one down that speaks to you.  It might be something like “I am worthy.  Today I accept where I am and know that I am in a place of peace, hope, and love.  I deserve happiness and I delight in the abundance of my life, my health, and prosperity.  Today I will love myself.”


Indulge in ultimate self-care.  It could be a massage, or a body scrub, facial, or to get your nails done.

Maybe you’re ready for a new look and a hair cut is calling your name – or even a new hair color. Shop for a new outfit with a different style than usual just for fun, break out of the old mold.

If you need to rejuvenate…try a beautiful hotel for the afternoon along the coast.  Treat yourself to your favorite glass of wine.  Or sit at the beach and watch the waves while you repeat your affirmation of love.  Take in a nature hike, or pick up some flowers for the house or plants for your yard or patio.


Pick up art supplies and make Valentines for each other.   Come up with a day of loving kindness.  Drop Valentine’s off to a nursing home or make Valentines for a children’s ward at a hospital.  Demonstrate loving acts of kindness to teach your children how love can be shown in ways that give people hope, joy, and can help heal a heart, a body, and nourish a soul.  Your kids will learn that giving love in a selfless way brings joy.


At the very “heart” of pain is love.  Pain provides us with the chance to grow, learn forgiveness, and life lessons that evolves us into loving people with the opportunity for more compassion, love and kindness.  We grow a bigger heart if we let go of bitterness and embrace our full capacity.  Use the experience of a broken heart to choose love.  Love yourself.  Forgive, and look for opportunities to give and receive more love in your life.

Make your VALENTINE’S DAY full of LOVE.






Broken Hearted this Valentine’s Day – Choose LOVE

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