Folks, this is just for fun.  I like speculating how divorce changed a celebrity. This is a result of the character refinement I write about as part of the “barrel refinement process”……

C E L E B R I T Y   W I N E   P R O F I L I N G

GEORGE CLOONEY: He’s been divorced.  Chances are he went into the barrel for some refinement.  We’re talking about some good root stock here and nothing wrong with the grapes either.  What went in was pretty dam good to begin with.  My hunch is it just made him a bit spicier than before.  His humor throws most people off his scent as though to say – “you can smell the essence of my bouquet and admire me for my body and complex characteristics but you can’t taste”.  If you could, probably a good mouth feel with balanced elements – fruit, tannin, and acidity.   He’s been stored well too.  I can see that he will continue to age well and he will be forever hot.  George is possibly the most confirmed bachelor that subscribes to the thinking that it is better to stock your cellar with plenty of options instead of the same boring bottle of wine day after day;  Although, it does appear to take him awhile to get bored of the same bottle of wine.  I think he prefers to drink around.  I thought he might consider blending with an Italian wine for a while, my mistake.  Maybe one day he’ll find a bottle he wants to blend with that satisfies him and he’ll find reasons why he is so much better blended than he is running solo.  I’ll have to choose a wine to represent George that stands on its own well, fully matured and doesn’t need to be paired with food since he is the main course.

The bottle of wine I have chosen to represent George is:  Abacus Why?:  Each year he gets a little more refined and builds on what is already yummy


A short and swift divorce settlement between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has shortened Katie’s “barrel refinement process.”  Her timely and strategic announcement that she was divorcing Cruise is a tell tell sign that the normal mourning of the end of a relationship might have been going on well before she decided to pull the cork.  In this case, I see Holmes  maturing during her marriage and growing into her own skin as a confident, sophisticated, complex women that is no longer the paired companion to Tom.  No this girl stands on her own proudly.  She stayed in the relationship for what seemed like a good experience but as soon as it threatened her values or control over raising her daughter, she did what she felt was the right thing.  She is an inspiration to all women to not compromise your values to be controlled by the man in your life – even if that man is Tom Cruise.  I can’t wait to watch Katie as she releases herself on the other side, proud, confident, elegent – this wine is on steroids and her glass runnith over.  Pour yourself out Katie – you’re delicious!

The bottle of wine I have chosen for Katie is an sophisticated Jordan Cabernet Savingnon Why?  She’s arrived.




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