Dating after divorce gives us a chance to better understand our likes, needs, and preferences in a partner.  Think of it like wine tasting.  You can swirl it, smell it, taste it, and spit it out if you don’t like it.  But don’t get too intoxicated or drunk on the experience. You know what corked wine tastes like.  Divorce is nothing more than knowing your great bottle of wine has corked.  You’ll eventually land the right bottle but let it open slowly.  Good wine takes awhile to decant.  Let it linger on your palate before swallowing and make sure it doesn’t have an aftertaste.  This takes time.  Then, when it is right you can take the bottle home. Swirl many, sip few, and never by the whole case until it passes the taste test time and time again.


To increase your chances for success: Don’t judge a person by his or her label and be open to trying a different varietal than usual.  You never know what you might acquire a taste for.  Be open to new experiences but do not sacrifice on quality.  Always be your authentic self!

If you are a Cabernet, don’t show up as a weak merlot.  Open up!  Remember not to whine/wine about your ex.  If you are leaving your ex in your wine glass, you have no room to pour a new wine in!  One last thing–divorce does not define you, it refines you and realigns you!  You are a new wine and you have new blending options!   Cheers.


Dating after Divorce Through WINE Colored Glasses

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