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Tis the season to be jolly and if you are getting divorced, it can be the season to be tipsy. No matter where you are in your divorce this holiday season, remember, it is just that-a season. You can create joy and peace in any circumstance. It is a state of mind in the stillness, wonder of the season, that divine glass of wine, the smile of children, nature, and the warmth of others.

I wish you peace, joy, and happiness this holiday season. May your wine glass never be empty, your heart fully decanted, and your palate open to new experiences.

A few light-hearted quotes to make you (hopefully) smile this holiday season:

” There are two things you should never do alone: One is get divorced, the other is drink” – Cheryl Nielsen

“You’re not dead, you’re dormant” – Cheryl Nielsen

” In marriage you can drink only one, in divorce you can drink around as much as you like but be careful not to catch any sediments along the way” – Cheryl Nielsen

“Divorce can be a great gift. After all, if the marriage corked, wouldn’t it be nice to drink something good for a change?” – Cheryl Nielsen

“Divorce offers an opportunity to expand your palate-taste many, spit out even more, and swallow only what delivers a consistent experience” – Cheryl Nielsen

“How do you make divorce more palatable? WINE about it!” – Cheryl Nielsen

“An amicable divorce is when two varietals respect each other for their differences but realize they don’t make a good blend” – Cheryl Nielsen

“Divorce is like drinking a cheap bottle of wine. You take a sip and think you’ve survived it until the aftertaste sneaks up on you” – Cheryl Nielsen

“Today I will look at life through wine colored glasses, if the day doesn’t go well, it will end on a positive note with a glass of wine” – Cheryl Nielsen

Cheers, wishing you many blessings this holiday season.


Divorce Quotes for the Wine Lover this Holiday Season

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