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Real Estate decisions during divorce 

When it comes to making decisions during divorce for the family home or other real estate, it’s important to explore your options and the consequences of each option.  Often, real estate is one of the biggest financial assets in divorce that deserves the utmost consideration and strategic planning.  All too often, tax ramifications of decisions and other issues are overlooked resulting in unnecessary financial consequences. Other times emotion can cloud judgment.

Through proper planning and due diligence, we can empower divorcing spouses to make the best decisions for their financial future and well being.

We offer a unique blend of services to provide Family Law Attorneys, Mediators, and Divorcing Spouses with in-depth real estate analysis, and consulting to properly plan for the disposition of real estate during divorce through our affiliated company Meritage Realty, Inc.

Our comprehensive real estate planning is used to assist in proposed settlement options, tax planning, and housing transition. We are an industry leader in our field of expertise and passionate about making a difference.  We’re here to see that divorcing spouses avoid costly mistakes by opening the door to the right option that provides a solid foundation on which to build a new life.

We want you EMPOWERED to make the best real estate decisions during divorce for your family and financial well being.  Clarity comes with knowledge.

Exploring your options:

  1. One spouse keeping the house
  2. Selling the house
  3. Owning the house jointly, one spouse living in it
  4. Owning the house jointly, renting it out

Fee: $200 for each option

Each option is explored based on your unique set of circumstances.  The resulting analysis can be used to facilitate a mediation session with your attorney or to evaluate a proposed settlement option or to facilitate prior planning between divorcing spouses.  Some of the areas addressed are as follows:

  1. Determine affordability
  2. Evaluate market timing
  3. Estimate potential gains or losses on sale
  4. Assess current tax base
  5. Utilize divorce tax rules
  6. Optimize opportunities
  7. Review title, mortgage history, and deed of trust
  8. Review the above to determine if a calculation needs to be done to value separate and community property interests
  9. Offer recommendations for proposed settlement options
  10. Order an appraisal (additional charge) or provide comparative market analysis

Consulting Services: 

$150 per hour.

  1. Consult during your mediation appointment on real estate analysis as a neutral
  2. Mediate your housing dispute with your spouse as a neutral
  3. General questions and answers
  4. Specific research

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