Ladies -New Year, New Life, New Heels?
As a certified divorce coach, and with first-hand divorce experience, I wanted to address preparing and facing our new selves as we head into a new year.
You might be stepping out in the new year newly divorced with a new life in front of you.  May sound a little scary at first.  It might be a little like wearing your first pair of high heel shoes, scary, but you soon strutted your stuff with great confidence.  It’s a whole new walk in a new pair of heels.  Just remember, you’re built for this!   
first heels
Be courageous and find your center of courage.  This will create your balance. I believe courage is fueled by the motivation to take the first step into the unknown.  So I ask you, what motivation is fueling your courage?  Could it be a desire for a better life?  
As you contemplate your options to re-build your life, I encourage you to think big!  At least four inch heels.  No flats.  You might want to create a Vision Board for yourself.  This is a collage of images that represent the vision you have for how you want to rebuild your life with your heart’s desires.  Note I did not say with your mind!  This should be a right-brained creative download of tapping into your underlying passions and desires.  You can use a magazine for images.  Cut the images out and paste onto a poster board from an office supply store.  Or, you can arrange your images on Pinterest, the on-line pin-board.  In Meritage Divorce, I call this Vision Board a “Wine Life Vision Board” – why?  Because you are a re-produced wine and ready to go on the tasting appointments of life!  
A Wine Life Vision Board to reflect on is a constant source of inspiration and barometer of staying on track with your dreams and goals.  If you have children, you can create a family vision board to help empower the children towards their new life as well.  
Here is an example from my vision board:
  1. Travel-a picture of Italy’s countryside
  2. New Friends – a scene of a dinner party with food and wine
  3. House – a picture of a small bungalow beach property
  4. Financial stability – a drawing of money
  5. Good Health – a picture of a marathon runner
Next, create some goals for each of your images.  Perhaps you will start a special vacation savings account and commit to a savings goal each week. 
If you would like to loose weight, establish your plan for exercise and eating. Give yourself some realistic goals.  
You have a lot to ring in for the new year.  Because the possibilities are endless.  Celebrate you and your family, how far you have come and how much you have to be thankful for and to look forward to in future.  Celebrate your victories no matter how small! 
Embrace your authentic voice and leave behind the judgment you feel others may have towards you for your dreams.  Just Dream!  Soon, it will be a new year and you will be one step closer to a new life wearing a new pair of heels.  
To read about creating your own vision board, check out this link.
Ladies -New Year, New Life, New Heels?

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