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Brian Conners, MBA, CFP interviews Cheryl Nielsen a Forensic Real Estate Divorce Strategist™ on how to not only survive the trauma of a marital dissolution but also how to avoid going broke in the process as well.

Let’s face it divorce is not only like surviving a near death emotionally and physically debilitating experience, but can also be hazardous to your financial well being as well.

Too often emotional sentiments rule decision making in the splitting of family assets, who will reside in the family home and everything else including who keeps the family pets. While this may feel perversely justifiable for preserving your personal self esteem, making emotional financial decisions can lead to disastrous long-term financial consequences and unnecessary expenses and taxes.

Cheryl Nielsen shares her personal experience, and expertise on how to create a plan that optimizes opportunities and utilizes proper timing for tax and market considerations for orchestrating a financially prudent marital dissolution. Cheryl discusses the unique factors that need to be addressed with housing during divorce that require the utmost care and consideration.

As a Forensic Real Estate Divorce Strategist™, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ and CDC Certified Divorce Coach® – Cheryl with her book “Meritage Divorce” and Divorce Certification, works with individuals in the early stages of divorce. Cheryl walks her clients though the dissolution process through her “Meritage Divorce Journey Workshops.” Cheryl’s artful use of wine metaphors and prose helps coach her clients around the stages of divorce including how to “spit out the past, re-produce yourself, and decant a future.”

If you need a compassionate ear, real estate planning or a coach to help you navigate this difficult phase of life to reemerge your new self with financial security you can contact Cheryl via email at cheryl.nielsen@icloud.com or by phone at 949-278-8340.

Brian Conners is a Certified Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Representative with NPB Financial Group in Irvine, CA, Member FINRA, MSRB, and SIPC. He is licensed with the California Department of Insurance #0661999. Brian can be contacted via email at bconners@npbfg.com by phone at 949-271-6433.


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