Cheryl Cooper, Author, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® & CA Licensed Real Estate Broker

divorce houseThe housing market recovery may afford the opportunity for divorcing sellers to split home assets that were previously underwater.  Sellers may be able to avoid the alternative short sale and free up equity to be used towards new housing possibilities.  Good news for many in today’s market. Housing during divorce is often an emotionally charged subject that deserves in-depth planning and consideration. This will help eliminate unnecessary grief and anxiety from worrying about the fear of the unknown (not to mention the thought of giving up a place called home).  By formulating a realistic housing plan that addresses concerns and generates solutions, a bridge is created that leads to a new beginning that restores peace, empowerment, and often times excitement for the future.  Some of the questions surrounding the fear of the “unknown” that get addressed with proper planning include:

• What is my home worth?

• What will the proceeds look like upon sale?

• What are some of my housing options? Rent or Buy?

• Could I qualify for a loan to buy on my own?

• Where will I be able to afford to live?

• How can I eliminate the most stress when selling?

• Can I find a place that works for the family dog?

• What is the best market timing for transition?

• How can I optimize my situation for the best possible outcome?

• Can I find housing to keep my children in the same schools?

• How do I handle the communication with my divorcing spouse?

Listing a property for sale with divorcing couples can be fraught with hazards. They have to be in their legal right and timing to sell a property. Communicating with the professional handling the legal aspects of the divorce first is a prerequisite before listing a property for sale if divorce has been filed. To eliminate some of the disagreements that come up after property is listed, every effort is made to get the buy- in from both sides on the overall housing plan upfront, leaving less to deal with latter. This makes for a smoother transition.

As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach and licensed Real Estate Broker, I blend a dynamic set of skills to facilitate the sale of property resulting from divorce and plan for transitional housing needs. By utilizing my coaching skills, I can work effectively in high conflict divorces by breaking the process down into less overwhelming steps while remaining neutral to both parties. I can communicate with both parties independently as needed. I then pair this with over a decade of real estate experience and a cutting edge brokerage creating the perfect blend of resources to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client. Housing planning is a value added service when facilitating the sale of property.  It’s not hard to see that I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of those impacted by divorce. Many divorce professionals add me to their team for this reason. Call me so I can make a difference.

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With This House, I Thee Divorce

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