As women, I think we can all agree that we are basically the same – like grapes before they turn into wine.

It’s the varietal of grape that makes us different and the wine we become.  Some of us are a Cabernet Sauvignon, while others a Chardonnay, or perhaps a Pinot Noir to name a few.  Some of us become a blend and keep people guessing!

The important thing is to be in touch with the varietal of your core which is your authentic self.  Don’t be afraid to embrace who you really are so you can pour out an authentic expression of yourself.

Sometimes we can show up in life as something we think someone else would prefer to drink than who we really are. But if you know you are a Cabernet with a strong backbone and complex characteristics, don’t deliver the experience of a Merlot with a weak backbone and flat character!  Go ahead and pop your cork and let all of you out.  The master winemaker made you a unique and special wine designed to deliver a one of a kind experience.


At times in life, you might feel as though you’ve lost your wine label and don’t know who you are anymore.  The varietal of your core doesn’t change – it only gets better with age.   You just need to take care of yourself properly so you don’t become corked.

John Jordan of Jordan Winery & Vineyard said “people of balance age as gracefully as wines of balance” – so it is important to know how to stay in balance and meet your needs.   If you are white wine, you might need to learn how to chill.  Reds can handle the room temperature.

Sometimes in life you need to spend some time in a barrel and re-produce yourself.  You are the winemaker.  You get to decide what adjustments you need for your character refinement.


Other times, you just need to spend some time drinking your own wine to become reacquainted with who you are. Our life experiences add to our character and create subtle changes in the way we taste.   Tears of sorrow will enhance your flavor.  Your personal growth will deliver character.  The tannins of your backbone will become smooth with perspective, compassion and humility.

Ask yourself, what kind of wine are you and what type of experience do you deliver?  What ever type you are remember you will be smoother on the palate and softer on the finish and more drinkable if you are authentic.  People will want to drink you up for your   consistent experience and richness of flavor.  Take sometime to breath, but don’t be afraid to open up.

We as women are basically as similar as grapes, and yet as diverse as wine and if you’re like me, you always have something to WINE about!

Adapted by the book, Meritage Divorce, by Cheryl Nielsen.  Copyright 2012.



Women – all GRAPES, but as Diverse as WINE

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